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Surgical Sterilization (Spay & Neuter)

Spay and Neuter Services

As your veterinarian, we are experienced in spay and neuter surgery procedures. This surgery is a pet sterilization procedure that is designed to ensure pets are no longer able to reproduce.

In addition to no longer being able to reproduce, spaying and neutering may have some other very significant benefits for the pet and its owners. An animal that has been sterilized will generally be a calmer pet. Many owners find that their pets are suddenly much less restless and agitated than they were prior to the surgery thanks to the reduction in hormones that goes along with the procedure.

Pets that are spayed or neutered also tend to have less disease than those which are not. Diseases related to the reproductive organs are not an issue for spayed or neutered animals and their risk of other disease could possibly be lowered as well.

The community at large will also benefit from pet spay or neuter surgery. With pet overpopulation running rampant in the world today, running the risk of your pet adding to that problem is simply unwise. The more pets that have been spayed or neutered, the less unwanted pets are put to sleep due to being unable to find a home.

We Take Pet Surgery Seriously

We understand that surgery can be a frightening concept for both you and your pet. Our greatest concern is the well being of your pet. Before putting your pet under anesthesia, we routinely perform a physical examination. We also highly recommend and sometimes require that a Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile be performed to maximize patient safety.  The Pre-Anesthetic Blood Profile helps alter our surgeon to the presence of dehydration, anemia, diabetes, kidney or liver disease that could complicate the procedure.

Often, your pet will be able to recover from the surgical procedure within a short period of time. Your pet will usually be able to come home with you the same day of the surgery after they have awakened from the anesthesia.

Post Operative Care

Following spay or neuter surgery, your pet's activity should be restricted for a minimum of seven days. No running, no jumping, no playing during this time period. This will allow the surgery site to heal more rapidly. Do not permit your pet to lick or chew at the incision.  Post-operative pain medications will be prescribed for your pet to help alleviate discomfort.

Depending upon the surgery, skin sutures may be placed in the incision. You will need to return your pet in 7-10 days to have the sutures removed.


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