Exploratory Surgery

Exploratory Surgery for Sick and Injured Pets

When external examinations and diagnostic imaging fail to pinpoint the underlying cause or full extent of a physical problem, sick or injured pets may require exploratory surgery. These procedures allow veterinarians to see clearly inside various parts of the body and extract tissue samples for biopsy. Exploratory surgery can prove invaluable for gaining a detailed understanding of your pet's condition and choosing the best treatment option. Here at Springfield Veterinary Center  we perform these procedures safely and accurately.

Diagnosing Lethargic Behavior, Vomiting, Diarrhea and Other Symptoms

Some forms of exploratory surgery involve foreign body removal from the digestive tract. If your dog or cat swallows something that cannot be digested, it may remain solid enough to block an intestine, causing acute vomiting (and occasionally diarrhea) while threatening the health of surrounding tissues. Foreign body removal often resolves the condition completely unless intestinal tissues have died or sustained damage, in which case we may need to remove that portion of tissue as well. In some cases food may be trapped inside the stomach due to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), a potentially deadly twisting of the stomach that tends to afflict large dogs. If exploratory surgery confirms a diagnosis of GDV, we can manipulate the stomach to restore normal function.

Other types of organ dysfunction may also require exploratory surgery to get a clear diagnosis of the underlying problem. A lethargic cat suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, for instance, may have anything from heat stroke or a parasitic infestation to acute pancreatitis or kidney disease. After ruling out many common causes through fecal exams and other non-invasive procedures, we may need to perform exploratory surgery to examine and biopsy one or more major organs.

Exploratory surgery is a common and effective technique for identifying cancerous tumors, which can afflict pets just as commonly as people. An external mass underneath the skin, for example, may indicate the presence of either a benign tumor or a malignant skin cancer. In these cases we usually excise the entire mass and then take the biopsy from it -- if we find a malignancy, then there is a good chance that we have already administered the first step in the necessary treatment. If exploratory internal surgery reveals a more complicated mass, we will take biopsy samples and then recommend additional surgery or other treatment options as needed.

We conduct our exploratory surgeries with the same care and attention to your pet's well-being that we employ for major corrective surgeries. Our skilled veterinarian makes certain that general anesthetic is administered with consideration for the animal's health, size and age, monitoring vital signs with EKG machines, pulse-oximeters , blood pressure, respiratory, temperature and cardio-monitors. Following surgery, we will observe your pet's condition until he can safely return home. Owners receive detailed instructions on how to care for their recuperating pets at home. We encourage pet owners concerned about their beloved animals' symptoms to contact us for an evaluation.


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  • "We have a new 8 week Boston Terrier that we took to Springfield Vet yesterday for the first time. Absolutely pleased with the service, attitudes and genuine care shown to our little boy. The whole team was so professional, but took time to talk to you and explain everything. Dr Cynthia Wiseman is so wonderful, she sat in the floor did Logan's exam and played with him. What bedside manners. I will continue to use them, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a caring and professional vet."
    Roi W.
  • "We absolutely love this vet clinic and the staff! The facilities are modern and always clean. Everyone is always so friendly and genuinely care for you and your animal- they make you feel as if you are apart of their family.

    Our boy, Samson, is a Rottie (and quite the problem child). We are usually in the clinic almost every other month for something and they are always so helpful and show great care and love for our pup! We are very picky/protective puppy parents, so we were very grateful to have found both Dr. Cynthia and Dr. Heath shortly after getting Samson.

    We have definitely found our "home" in the vet world, and would highly recommend to anyone who is currently looking!"
    Machaelie H.
  • "I have taken my dog here since he was a puppy. The staff are so friendly and caring, a very clean place and they always get us in quickly. When we come in no one passes us without greeting my dog and I and they're never in a rush to get us out of there."
  • "We decided to start taking our new kitty here this past fall and we love it! He was not on his best behavior (to say the least) for his first appointment, and the staff was so patient and was still able to safely run his bloodwork and give him his vaccinations. Every service has been reasonably priced, and they did everything they possibly could to make sure that our little guy was off to a healthy start after we adopted him. What I love is that they really seem to focus on the small details, too, like trimming our cat's nails after remembering that I had expressed interest in doing so at a previous appointment, or supplementing his flea treatment with something to safely speed up the process. We will definitely keep coming here as long as we live in Springfield!"
    Megan J.
  • "I have been taking my dog to SVC since 2012 and when I adopted my cat in 2015. I have never had a bad experience. We have seen Drs. Heath & Cynthia Wiseman and I love them both. Always professional, always take their time when looking my pets over, asking questions, and answering mine."
    Katherine P.
  • "We’ve been taking our Moose there for a few years now. After swallowing a toy when he was a puppy, getting fixed, having surgery on his eyelids a couple times, and most recently having a breed specific illness; I can I say I would recommend everyone to go here. They’ve taken the best care of our boy time and time again and went above and beyond."
    Ashley J.
  • "We’ve been taking our Moose there for a few years now. After swallowing a toy when he was a puppy, getting fixed, having surgery on his eyelids a couple times, and most recently having a breed specific illness; I can I say I would recommend everyone to go here. They’ve taken the best care of our boy time and time again and went above and beyond."
    Ashley J.
  • "Pleasant staff.,very informative. Great environment for your pets, including own room for cats to play so as they aren't stressed out."
    Cheryl K.
  • "Dr. Cynthia Wiseman has helped my little Shiba dog with chronic hip problems tremendously with consistent acupuncture therapy! So thankful for this practice and the high quality of care they offer my pets!"
    Lacey M.